A few rewards issues

Hello I have not been able to claim rewards accrued prior to Feb this year. I had attempted to open an uphold account but failed for some reason which seemed to have had rewards disconnected. I verified on the 4th this month & received the recent rewards to my uphold acct. I have tried to manually transfer the older rewards but the bat card is showing 0 balance yet I have 52 bat. There is an irregularity once I have clicked on the uphold icon where the new page isn’t fully displayed. I can only see/click on the amount box & the box beside it appears diagonally above from where it should be. I cannot see the card selection box at all. I logged in & tried this on opera browser & it is the same. I have a screenshot. Since the first transfer of recent rewards the amount of ads I get has been greatly reduced. Still set to 5ph but lucky to get 1ph. I have gone through all the steps… browser upgrade etc. I am windows7

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