A few questions before I make Brave my default browser



Firstly, I applaud Brave’s mission.

  1. I like the Brave Shield, however, will Brave enable us to have control over specific scripts rather than an ALL or NOTHING approach to blocking scripts?

  2. Will Brave allow 3rd party add-on at any point in time, there isn’t much of a choice.

  3. When I use the TOR tab, which is a fantastic idea, I receive warnings that the TOR connection is not secure on different sites. Is the Brave TOR tab as secure as the TOR browser?

  4. I’m running 1Password 7 and I can’t use 1Password with Brave, and the fix is to create a directory “/Library/ApplicationSupport/Google/Chrome” but this doesn’t resolve the issue.

  5. Is “Strict Site Isolation” equivalent to Firefox’s “Multi-Account Containers”?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @Skepticalme, you’re definitely making the right choice with Brave :slight_smile:

As for your questions:

1.The option for a script “filter” or “whitelist” of sorts has been requested before and you can find an “issue” posted by devs on github here if you’d like to track it. For now, you can “block all” or “block 3rd party”, or allow scripts for any individual website. I will go ahead and +1 the issue on github for you. If you’d like to tell us in detail about seeing this feature in Brave, you should definitely tell us here! Here’s a couple other similar requests:

  1. Yes, Brave will be fully compatible with just about every extension out there once we make the switch over to our new Chromium build. You can (and certainly should) read more about what to expect from our rewrite in our blog post here.

  2. Brave tabs with tor are designed to be secure but are still in beta. Where from (sties/programs) and how often are you getting these warnings?

  3. I’d be happy to help you resolve your 1Password issue if you can describe the issue to me :slight_smile:

  4. Not quite. It seems like Firefox’s “Multi-Account Containers” resemble our “Session Tabs” - Tabs which keep separate cookies and other internals from other opened tabs. So if you wanted to, or for example, log into more than one of your Twitter accounts. Normally you’d have to log out of one then log into the other to accomplish this in the same browser session but session tabs eliminate the need for that. Strict Site Isolation runs each website as its own process. You can read more on SSI here.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your detailed reply, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I appreciate it.

That’s great about the script question. I figured others may have requested the same.

That’s even more awesome that the new chromium build will allow a good number of extensions, I look forward to that.

The warnings I’m receiving (I wish I had taken screenshots) were only on a few sites as I was testing out the TOR tab. I don’t actually use TOR that often but it’s a good tool to use now and again when I’m searching personal topics about my finances and health (I don’t want that info. in the hands of my ISP, or the Australian Governments meta-data collecting servers - yes they collect ALL meta-data of ALL citizens using the internet and store it for 2 years).

The 1Password issue: The 1Password extension’s icon is present in Brave it opens but does not fill in any login details. Sometimes when I restart Brave a pop up box appears indicating there is an issue with 1Password and it won’t function correctly, it gives two choices, to either restart Brave or to select help, which when selected takes me to a blog post with a solution which is to create the following directory - “/Library/ApplicationSupport/Google/Chrome” and I’ve done that but it hasn’t resolved the issue. Are other people experiencing this with the new 1Password 7?


The 1Password Error

The “Get Help” page for the 1Password error

I see, thanks for that, I wasn’t quite sure what the function was.

Again, thanks for taking the time to address my questions.


@Skepticalme, I’m always happy to help!
As for your 1Pass issue, can you confirm what OS and Brave version you’re using for me?
Also to answer your question yes, we’ve had other reports of 1Pw behaving strangely. All the more reason to get this sorted!


@Skepticalme if you’re on mac, could you also tell us if you have Brave installed in your Applications folder? Also, I think there might also be some known issues if you try to use 1pw and don’t have Brave set as your default browser. You might want to try setting Brave as the default browser and then giving it another go. (noticed your topic title :wink: )



@Mattches Could you please register another +1 for finer control over script blocking? :slight_smile:
Such a feature would be great! In fact, I miss that (and a cookie manager that allows me to delete individual cookies) the most.


Way ahead of ya :wink:


Thanks for the reply,

I’m using macOS 10.13.6, on an iMac 32GB i5 3.2Ghz 1TB 5k, and Brave is in the applications folder, and the Brave version is 0.23.31

Hope that helps.


so I recently swapped to use Brave as my default browser, and damn it is fast.

When it comes to AdBlock, I have it setup to only show Brave Ads, since I feel like supporting Brave, but it still feels worse then using Google Chrome or Operah with uBlock Origin, most of the ads shown in places like TV Shows websites and so on are still shown.

Another big problem I find that gets me quite upset is the fact that on some websites it doesn’t save the websites customization settings, for example on Youtube, even though I activate the setting everytime for Youtube to be shown in Dark theme, after I restart Brave, the settings get back to default (and yes I have no settings to reset or clear anything on the Brave settings after a shutdown).

Something else, would I be supposed to get BAT Tokens for having “Show Brave Ads” activated or no, asking since this was advertised but I’ve never seen it happen.

Brave Browser is a great Browser, but like most Open-Source stuff it still needs upgrades until it can beat up the big boys.

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