A few minor (and I emphasize minor) feature requests for Brave Search

I have a lot of small feature requests for Brave Search.

  • Make a shorter link that redirects to search.brave.com, like s.br.com or something like that just as how duck.com is a shortened version for DuckDuckGo.

  • Use openstreetmap.org or similar for maps functionality.

  • Make the news tab look more like Google News rather than just a filter for search results.

  • Add more regions for localized search results.

  • Allow for more color customization like DuckDuckGo, custom wallpapers and Brave Rewards sponsored images.

  • Let Brave Search detect the light/dark state of the device and switch accordingly (a pain for searching in private windows).

  • What is on the search bar of the Brave Browser should sync with the search query in Brave Search (like Safari does).

  • Once you introduce advanced customization into Brave Search, make a passkey system similar to DuckDuckGo for syncing across devices.

  • Show more in the weather widget should expand itself within the weather widget rather than opening a separate website.

I have many more that I may say if the main ones above are added. I am loving Brave Search!

A shopping tab would be nice.