A few bugs that could be fix for a better customers experience


Hello guys, first of all I would like to say that I really love the brave browser but there is some minor issues that bother me.

So first of all,

1. The tabbar should refresh automatically.
What I mean there is that for exemple I open up my webpage an then on the same tab, I change to a different website, I won’t update it on the toolbar until I move my mouse to the toolbar itself. Same thing happen when I check the Currency/Cryptocurrency/Stocks. I change pair and I just look up the toolbar to see the new pair actual price. But when I change pair, the new page load up but the tabbar doesnt update automatically.

2. Netflix doesn’t work.

(I am pretty sure a lot of people been talking about it so I won’t really talk about it much, but I get a error message everytime. (Something wrong happened))

3. When I type for exemple www.net,
then the browser automatically try to guess on wich website I try to go on. Thats amazing but the problem is the way it does it. look :

It should bring me on the HOME PAGE directly, but it will always all the full address that brings me straight to a page IN this website. Its really annoying. The concept is really nice, I like it, but on everywebsite it doesnt bring me to the main page of the website I go on. It brings me to a specific page. For myself I end up writing down the full site name exemple www.netflix.com because I don’t want to be redirect to another page IN this website.

I had a few other issues before but they got fixed so I shared my view on that because I prefer Brave over Chrome and I want other user and people that doesn’t about Brave to feel the same way when they will first discover Brave Browser. Thanks a lot for the time you took to read this post. I hope it will be helpful!

Have a nice day,
Pierre-Charles Jolicoeur.

A Little Privacy - please

A user made a request for one of the bugs you suggest here regarding redirect -
A Little Privacy - please

Also post your about:brave information here and does your second request still not work for you, I mention this because I’m sure there was a fix for this in the recent update.