A few bookmarks issues and suggestions


Please bear in mind that I do A LOT of research on my computer, so a properly working bookmarks makes a huge difference to me. I also searched the Help! section to see if anyone else reported these and didn’t find anything, so if this is a repeat of what you already know, feel free to close it down and please direct me to the correct thread so that I may read it. I’d also like to compliment the Brave people on fixing the issue (as of today’s update) of new bookmarks taking so long to be added. Now onto the problems:

  • I can’t see past 3 subfolders, and even then only a small portion of the folder window shows on my screen. For example, If I click “bookmarks” and hover my mouse over Folder 1, then go to Folder 2 within Folder 1, then go to Folder 3 within Folder 2, the next bookmarks window is very narrow and I cannot see anything in Folder 4 that’s within Folder 3. I consider this a critical issue, since I cannot even see any bookmarked pages in Folder 4.

  • I cannot organize the folders in the bookmarks toolbar. There is currently a folder that I need to put above the others and am unable to do so; all I can do is put it inside another folder. This makes the bookmarks feature almost impossible for me to use, as I’m always having to organize and rearrange my bookmarks.

  • The little icons that show up to the left of bookmarks (favicons, I think) only show up in the Bookmarks bar that’s underneath the URL. I don’t know if this is a bug or feature, but I have “text and favicons” selected for the Bookmarks Bar in Settings. The favicons really help me find what I’m looking for, as I have reading issues. If this issue is a bug, I’d like it to be known to the Brave technicians, and if it’s a feature, I’d like to request that the favicons be added to the regular bookmarks toolbar (and subfolders).

  • I’d like to request being able to rearrange and edit bookmarks without having to go through the “bookmarks . . .” button. This is one of the biggest reasons I never switched to Firefox; IE made it so easy to organize and edit my favorites (bookmarks), and with me doing a lot of editing, adding, and deleting through my constant research, this is an extremely important feature for me.

  • Another feature I’d love to see that made researching in IE so easy is this: When I “bookmark this page” and select a folder, I’d love for it to remember that folder as a destination until I exit Brave. For example, if I bookmarked a page and selected it to go in Folder 1, then selected another webpage and bookmarked it, the default drop-down wouldn’t be Bookmarks Toolbar, but Folder 1. This makes saving many related websites very easy, and greatly helps in my research.

Thank you!

Oh, I almost forgot: My current version of Brave is the newest as of today’s update: 0.19.48. I’m also using Windows 8.1.

I just want to edit this to say that after using the bookmarks feature for a few days, I REALLY like drop-down menu for choosing the folder the webpage will be bookmarked in. I almost feel no need to request Brave remembering the last folder I put a bookmark into, it’s that easy. Great job on a feature I didn’t know I wanted!


These issues have become too much for me–even the practical issue of not being able to see past the first three folders hasn’t been addressed! I also cannot use Adobe Flash on Brave, which interfered with Createspace yesterday.

I love the Brave browser, but I just can’t make it my main anymore. I hope these issue do get resolved in the future and Brave can become a real competitor, but for now I have to say good-bye ya’ll.


On Android with Brave, using LG V20 handset, Heavy News topics are vital for quick access related bookmarks.
After hours of organizing 100’s of bookmarks to specific folders, who would think a few days later, the entire bookmark system is wiped clean from Brave Browser ~ Freaking Vanished.
This is quite devastating, then discover there’s no way to backup bookmarks to SD card.
Why a simple dropdown menu at bookmarks does not include a backup process, cannot be that difficult.

  • I Truely despise cloud based phantom entities that can also by no fault of user, vanish or get corrupted , with unusable data.
    By chance, as much as most hate using Google play, can anyone truly suggest a solid file based backup of bookmarks to SD card? This is one point of old school PC, it did have solid hard core file system for bookmarks.
    Thanks Hugely @!


Wow, this has been open sine October of 2017?

I agree, the bookmarks manager in this browser is garbage. Why is it impossible to arrange bookmarks folders, both in the manager and in the toolbar? You can’t tell when you drag it where it’s going to end up, and it always ends up in the wrong place. This is basic stuff, team!


Bookmark manager issues should mostly all be resolved for Brave v1.0, as it should be inheriting Chromium’s bookmark manager.