A couple UI suggestions


(Not bugs. Just suggestions.)

  1. When opening local file, do it in the current tab. As it is, it always creates a new tab. For example, if I type Ctrl-O, then select a local file, Brave opens a new tab & puts the local file in it. Would be nice if it used the current tab.

  2. When I Ctrl-click on a link to open it in another tab, then switch to the new tab via Ctrl-Tab or by clicking on it, the url is selected. Would be nice if it wasn’t. (Not sure why I’d prefer that. I think it’s cuz with the url select, if I type a key, I’ll lose the url. So it puts pressure on the user.)


Couple more UI suggestions…

  1. Currently, browser window appears in middle of the screen upon start. Would be nice if it appeared where it was when I last exited the browser.

  2. From the “why don’t people use the payments feature” thread, sounds like some people are afraid to turn it on. Currently, it’s totally off. User might be aware that it involves money (i.e., could have material effect if something goes wrong), so user might be afraid to turn it on. Once on, user still must fund the account. What if feature is always on (or defaults to on), with an empty account. User can sort of see it in action even though no money is involved until the account is funded. Clever UX designer could figure out how to represent an unfunded account as an unfortunate but non-erroneous state, maybe invite user to experiment by funding the account.


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