A Couple of Glitches



I like the browser, seems a very good alternative to my others. I am seeing some issues, not sure if others are too, and if they are in a queue to be fixed.

  1. In paypal, I went to add a new bank account. It didn’t tell me if it took or not, so I tried again. Brought me to a “Security Challenge” page, and had to click certain tiles. The tiles are not showing big check mark that I clicked them.

  2. http://us.vibram.com/ - there’s a pop up. Clicking the X on it does nothing. Works in chrome though.

  3. When I double click the “meat” of the URL in the address bar, between the www. and the .com, to copy it, the first time it doesn’t highlight properly. I have to do it again.

Anyone able to look into these issues?


Hi @apachewolf,
Thanks for reporting.

Before I can provide proper answer, I need your:

  • Brave version
  • And your OS.



Hi eljuno,

      Sure, version 0.25.2. Win
      Also, this happened:

“Reloading Calendar to apply your changes…”, screenshot
attached. Just froze. Never reloaded.

Thank you!



Hi eljuno,

thanks again, do you have any news on this topic?


Hi @apachewolf,
Apologies for very late response.

It’s a known common issue with 0.25.x build. This version will not receive any bug fixes (unless critical bugs). And soon will be replaced by the new Brave (0.55.x ++).

Upgrade for the current user is coming in weeks. Or brave.com/download if you want to install it manually. Then you can import yout browser data from the old Brave.

I think this issue is no longer appears in the new Brave.

The new version may have missing features since it’s still in the works.

Blog New Brave Browser Release Available for General Download on Brave.com | Brave Browser



New version doesn’t install on Centos 7, followed install instructions exactly.
warning: /var/cache/yum/x86_64/7/brave/packages/brave-browser-0.55.22-1.x86_64.rpm: Header V4 RSA/SHA512 Signature, key ID e3ffc656: NOKEY
Public key for brave-browser-0.55.22-1.x86_64.rpm is not installed


cc @Mattches @sriram for help


ok, thank you @eljuno


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