A couple of glitches in the new pending BAT display

A preface for everyone: The Brave clock (whatever time zone that is) just rolled over to 1 August, and all of the July rewards have been taken out of the “Current earnings this month”. Your BAT aren’t lost or stolen; this is just the new way of displaying our pending BAT.

There appears to be a couple of glitches in the new display.

  1. We should be seeing another line above that (the announced “countdown”) which shows how much will be added to our Brave Rewards wallets in the upcoming payout, but for some reason that message isn’t showing up.
  2. The number of “ads received this month” isn’t being reset at the same time as the pending BAT.

I suspect that both issues are due to those functions being reset on a different time table from the pending rewards. Something for the devs to fix.


Additional info about the timer: ONE person has reported that they have the countdown timer feature on their device. Dozens more (myself included) do not. I have Brave installed (and up to date) on three devices, and none of them have the countdown timer: Windows 7 desktop, Debian Linux 10 desktop, and Android 11 tablet.

UPDATE: The countdown timer and the “ads received this month” counter appear to update according to the device time (midnight on the first of the month). The discrepancy between the time of the BAT reset and the time of the ads counter reset and appearance of the countdown timer is causing much consternation for users. They should be synchronized to all happen at the same time.


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