A community app client for mobile devices

Hello all! Brave is my browser of choice and I recommend it everywhere I am asked about a browser that works without making any mistakes. I really believe that a new change should come to the community. This is web based and some UI elements are not accessible with the screen readers making us unable to do some things. For example, the profile screen cannot be edited at all. For you to be able to solve these things as well as putting a rich experience and an an extended, better controlled UI, my suggestion would be to create an app client for us to use with the community.
I believe that we, the users can be a step closer to perfection.
A lot of respect, good luck and best regards!
From Ciprian.

Does saving the site as a web app ( Main Menu --> Install Brave Community – note that you have to be on the site’s landing page [https://community.brave.com] to see this option) allow you to access additional site menus/content or does it behave the same?

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