A Brave official cross-browser Bookmark sync extension

Background: Having Brave syncing my bookmarks cross machines is great and it works well.
As a web developer Brave ain’t the only browser that I work with on a daily basis and everytime I watch Twitch I need to spin up another browser because of the current login issue and during those times while using other browsers I’d love to see my Brave bookmarks there as well synced and ready.

Idea/Solution: It would be great to give other browser access to the Brave bookmark sync through an official Brave bookmark-sync extension for all the major Chromium-based browsers and Firefox.

A neat bonus would be if the extension could initiate sync-chains itself without the need of running Brave.

There might be a stack of technical and safety obstacles to overcome here, so lets start a discussion to identify if it’s even possible to build something like that with the current sync APIs or are they tight coupled with the Brave clients.