A bit of feedback



Just a bit of feedback:

  1. Google 2FA immediately fails, which means I can’t login to my Google account.

  2. I kind of like the private browsing in Chrome better, because it opens a separate window and within that window every new tab you open is in private browsing mode automatically. In Brave I have to remember to switch between using cmd + shift + P and cmd + T for every new tab I open, which takes an unnecessary amount of effort/focus. Usually I don’t just need one single private tab at a time, but several of them, and could easily forget using cmd + shift + P

I’m saying the above, because I really like this project and want it to succeed. I also want to make the shift 100%, but for now I just can’t, primarily because of point #1.

I think the key to success is copying the functions of Chrome almost one to one, so most people won’t have to make too many new browsing habits. And then, on top of that, add more functionality.

Just my two cents

Thanks for listening

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