A better contrasted color in dark/night mode for tabs and a mute audio option


Hello. I use Brave in dark mode exclusively and after several weeks/ months I noticed how difficult it was to tell the tabs apart, which one was active, when I have many opened. It could be a personal issue. A faster way to mute a tab would be also welcomed, or some kind of audio animation, etc.

Thank you.



Yeah, I have the same issue with dark mode, I can’t tell which tab is currently active.

You can kind of fix it by using for example this theme from Chrome Web Store but there’s another problem, this time with the download bar, which appears when you use any external theme - the whole download bar goes white. So you’d have to sacrifice one of them: tabs or download bar. I mean, for now, because it’ll probably get fixed in the future.

Edit: OK, I found out that the problem with white download bar was actually the theme’s fault and it’d been fixed, so it works and looks fine now.

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