A-ads.com Advertising Network is not blocked


Title says it all. A-ads.com ads still appear with shields up.


Hi, can you provide some more information? :wink:
Operating System, Brave Version and a Screenshot? :slight_smile:


OS: Win10
Version: latest
What would a screenshot do?


Ok, version 0.13.5 would be better to write but ok :wink: I could not see any ads on that website :grimacing: Can you try enabling regional Adblock in settings > shields > Manage Adblock Settings…? :wink:


@Dog2puppy to add some color to @Jacalz screenshot request: a screenshot would help us to identify the ad slot size and location as we investigate to make sure we fully reproduce and resolve the issue.

The info you have provided so far is definitely helpful on it’s own as well.

It’s great that you reported this, and if screenshots aren’t available, we definitely will investigate without, they’re just helpful to have. :slight_smile:

Can you also let us know what region you observed the ad in (US, Europe, etc.) - Ad campaigns are often geo-targeted to certain locations, so one user in one region may not be able to reproduce something another user is consistently seeing in a different region.

Also, a lot of ad vendors are region-specific, or use different domain urls for different regions to help verify campaign delivery and filter for unexpected delivery patterns.

I’ll check and see if we have an issue for this, and if we don’t I will open one and investigate. Most likely, I suspect this is a new domain being used, so it hasn’t yet been picked up by blocklists.

Will update this post with the github issue URL for tracking progress.



@Dog2puppy I see what you mean after taking a look at the site - thanks for reporting this!


GH issue opened for investigation https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/7507

Will update here once we’ve resolved. Feel free to track progress in the issue above.


I noticed the issue in the US. As far as I know, they don’t geotarget their ads.


Hi @Dog2puppy& @Jacalz

I have some updates for this issue:

  • Ad tags from the a-ads.com ad network are technically blocked everywhere on the web, with the exception of the a-ads.com domain.

  • This is the filter that we have applied that blocks the a-ads.com network ads across the web:

  • For the instance that was reported here, the ads are displaying on the a-ads.com domain, because the a-ads.com domain and the a-ads.com advertising network all use the same a-ads.com domain.

  • Within the a-ads.com domain, the ads that are viewed are basically treated the same way that an image or any other first-party file is treated on the a-ads.com domain.

  • I can also confirm that we are blocking 3rd party ads and tracking on a-ads.com:

  • For the reasons above, the a-ads.com ad network is blocked across the web, just not on the a-ads.com domain.

I’m going to label this as resolved, but if anyone observes an a-ads.com ad serving outside of the a-ads.com site, please let us know so we can re-open this item and provide the URL and investigate further.



I am trying to use the Adblock settings on Facebook similar to the Facebook Purity app with 0 luck

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