87 confirmed last week not paid until now

Hello Admin, After I reverified my YT channel last week my confirmed balance has been updated and added 92 confirmed so far but only 5 has get paid I’m wondering why I still not get paid from my 87 confirmed? :thinking::thinking:

Hi @Marjon, welcome to community and thanks for reaching out!

There is a week-long account freeze period between the 1st to 8th of every month. This freeze is necessary in order to properly process payouts. Any BAT earned during the freeze period will be rolled over to the following month’s payout.

This thread talks through common questions around incomplete payouts - Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts

Let us know if there’s anything else that we can help to answer!

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That is not my problem sir I am already aware of that. The issue is my BAT does not increase even though more than 80 of my new referral has confirmed.

same story. Last month, they did not accrue BAT for a couple of referrals. Now the same thing. That is, Confirmed settings are increasing, and the number of BAT remains unchanged. Who to contact ? I know that if settings are already confirmed in the new month, then they will be paid only in the next month, but the number of tokens in this period last month increased for confirmation of settings, and new confirmations appear this month, but no tokens. Where to write, who can help me?

We’ve seem multiple reports of this, we’re currently investigating a solution and have created an issue to address this here

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This is not main problem. Main problem will appear in moment of payment. Read carefully ex. this topic Account blocked today 8
My account was suspended with thousands confirmations.

Really? This is terrible​:scream::disappointed_relieved:

So is there a chance my missing BAT from confirmed will replenish in my account ma’am after the issue is finally fixed?

Yep! Can you check your balance? We were able to process all the remaining confirmations and add them to the balances on Friday.

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Ok thanks ma’am I’m hoping for it😊

Hello ma’am, my dashboard is still the same and no updates for unpaid 80+ confirmed installed?

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