85 Open Tabs and then any new tabs just disappear

having reached 85 open tabs I find any more new tabs opened and you cannot see them, they just disappear off to the right.

A tab bar scrolling feature like FF would be handy, and also a tab view drop down like Opera has.


I have this problem as well. I don’t know how many tabs I have but it is more than can fit on the screen. So I can’t close or view any tabs further to the right off the end of the screen.

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Thank you for reaching out.
While I can’t say when this will (or if it will) be implemented, I believe something along the lines of this requested feature would help with this:

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Thanks for the reply.

I am a very heavy daily open tabs user and just love the FF kinetic mouse scrolling of the tabs. But I stopped using FF years ago for Opera and Brave/Dev.

There must be a way you can do this, with your own Brave flavor of doing things… I hope so. With kinetic mouse scrolling settings like speed, accerlaeration etc, ease in and ease out. You could even offer a little graph section in settings so one can see the mouse curve, and adjust interactively. Or just the usual settings found with something like the chrome extension ‘Smoothscroll’ LINK

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Couldn’t you just enable an option to have more than 85 open tabs on the tab bar please for Brave Dev and Brave stable, or just Brave Dev (which I use). As a temp stop gap on your way to kinetic tab bar scrolling?

In my Opera browser I have like 300 open tabs, and its a nightmare without mouse wheel kinetic tab bar scrolling, like FF browser has. I really hope Brave can beat Opera to adding their own version of kinetic mouse scrolling of the tab bar. Not unlike FF which is done well, so you see the full fav icon of the in focus tab and then slightly smaller fav icons either side.

Some of us users like to work with a lot of daily open tabs and whizzing up and down with the mouse wheel with the kinetic scrolling effect just seems so logical. But I don’t want to go back to FF. I like Brave now, and just wish you’d cater for 200+ tab users. That includes how the tabs look when all bunched up.

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If scrolling isn’t an option for now, then can you at least bump them onto a new window instead them disappearing into the ether when going over the limit? Having the annoying default chrome behavior of shrinking tabs so much is bad enough, but this limit is especially frustrating… And I also want to second for scrolling tabs FF style as long as I am commenting.

I – personally – cannot, but I will pass the massage along to the team :slight_smile:

Come on team, can we please have more than 85 open tabs in Brave Dev. I’m having to use ‘Session Buddy’ extension to see 86 and onwards open tabs.

Surely you can just make the next brave dev release have up higher limit of open tabs, like 200 as a limit or something like that.

Also if and when you do this, can you also look into kinetic mouse scrolling of the open tabs like firefox does, keeping the tab in focus showing its full fav icon and fading and scaling the tabs each side of the in focus tab. But with your own Brave styling, dark mode inc of course.

If you allow lots of tabs then you also need to test what 200+ open tabs look like and if any GUI errors are there. But also having a way to scroll thru the open tabs with the mouse wheel using kinetic scrolling (with kinetic scrolling settings).

Many of us users need and want lots of open tabs which we zoom along back and forth each day, I know I do and find kinetic tab scrolling with the mouse wheel the best way of doing this… except I gave up using FF some years back but miss that one very good feature. I hope Brave gets this also in time.

Hi !

Another user that is disturbed by this gamebreaking bug…

Same here… i need 85plus tabs… all my stuff i dondt want to close
i dondt use bookmarks and keep al stuff open

i actually cant switch from firefox to brave at home… thats sad. or make it multirow… i have 4k Monitors