7 Bat reset to zero? UPDATE: Fixed!

bat reward problem

Turned on my PC than randomly my 7 Bat went to zero and i’ve waited few hours for it to sort itself out and what puts me off it says 6th of May instead of April.

Update: All is fixed as everyone suggested it will fix on it’s own with time!

Hi @Aussiefella69 this has been happening to many users, myself included. There seems to be some technical issue going on. You can read some additional threads like this or here , and see if there’s anything you can troubleshoot, or just try to wait patiently for support to address it/ clear it up.

Hello guys, it seems that there was a problem yesterday I had the same problem but this morning everything was being restored. If this is also happening in your case please close this thread.

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Nothing has been fixed same issue for me it’s been easy 12+ hours since it started with BAT being reset and payout now set to May 6th. Tried restarting the browser, restarted my PC and I’ve been active on my PC and no signs of it changing.

Hi, I had the surprise to see 1 bat taken without any action from @bravepublishers. Uphold told me to see with brave! anyone knows how to contact brave publishers?

An update was released just now.

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