5th day, BATs hasnt been transfered from browser to uphold


Give it some time, the transfers are still in the midst of being processed. The progress is documented in the link below.

If you were still not credited your BAT at the end of the May 2021 process, that’s a problem and you’ll need to contact one of the support moderators.

im waiting almost 6 month))

You could probably PM @steeven with your email address to get him to investigate further

just fyi, if anyone is reading, dont bother figuring out wer your BATs stuck etc :wink: they dont give a sh1t about your problems and will never reply. Brave support is total sh1t. Just use the browser if you like it, otherwise uninstall. Have no expectations :wink: cuz you WILL be disappointed

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another update: they r actually stealing your bats :wink: those bats i posted r nowhere to find now. So yeh, goodluck with those sh1t providers :wink:

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