58 ads * 0.05 = 2.9 BAT, But I have 0.5 BAT?

Hello! I have been using Brave for some time, and I noticed this month (only gone 12 days), I have viewed 58 ads, if we do the math about how much BAT I am supposed to receive: 58 * 0.05 = 2.9 BAT, But it shows that the estimated payment is 0.5 BAT??? What???

^^This guy have viewed 157 ads and the estimated is 14 BAT??? If we do the math behind how much he is supposed to get is: 157 * 0.05 = 7.85. It’s 7.85 BAT, now 14 BAT!
When people like him gets this much, but people like me get like 1/10th of what we are supposed to get, is very unfair! or is there some problem? Makes me very frustrated!

you clearly didn’t understood what that post was about :thinking:, he didn’t got 14 Bat for 157 ads, the ad counter always reset at the 1st day of the month, so he got 157 from 1 - 11 jun.

and as he says in his post, the payment he got from May 1-31 didn’t got deducted from his pending rewards – as it should, mine hasn’t been deducted either, btw – so what you are seeing there is the ad counter from 1-11 Jun and the pending rewards from May 1st to Jun 11th – approximately –


Each ad isn’t 0.05, more like 0.01 or even half of that

Where did you get the idea that ads are all 0.05 BAT each? They’re not. You can see all the ad campaigns in your region and the BAT price for each here:


In the U.S., ads currently pay between 0.0025 BAT and 0.01 BAT each, nowhere near 0.05 BAT. 0.5 BAT for 58 ads is just about right.

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