53 ads clicked 0.045 bat earned. Less than 1c for 52 ads. Lol

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Description of the issue:
bat rewards are very low
52 ads clicked
0.045 bat earned
Less than 0.01 USD

It also fluctuates. A few days ago it had more than 4 bat. And no it did not reset because of payout. Payout was weeks ago. 1c for 52 ads is definitely not 70% of the ad revenue.

I was under the impression that you actually earn positive bat for each ad. Not earn negative bat. Lol
but I seem to be losing earned bat every day.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Check ad revenue this month and it bat rewards do not gain. Instead lose bat amount.
  2. Every day you check the pending rewards it fluctuates. Mostly Bat amount fluctuates down which should not happen unless brave team is cheating.

Expected result:
A fair 70% share of each ad revenue. Actually earn per ad clicked not reduce bat value every day. This is even worse than pay per click ads. Not even 1c per ad. 52 ads only 1c. Pay per click gives you 5c to a $1.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Samsung note 10+

Additional Information:
Highest bat value after payout this month was suppose to be more than 4 bat already. Now its 0.045 for 52 ads. Lol.

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