502 Bad Gateway problem while login

Whenever i try to login into my account at https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/ it shows 502 bad gateway

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Do you still see the error message?

Can confirm that this happens to me a lot. It feels like the site goes on and off rapidly.
Like, sometimes it will kind of work and sometimes it doesn’t.
The site seems to come off as unstable. :thinking:

man i am in a great trouble with brave now i can’t even login. tried to login with my email but no email was sent into my account

cc @steeven @Mattches for assistance

Server work will cause this issue from time to time. Can anyone confirm for me whether they are still encountering this same issue?

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My 502 bad gateway problem and login problem is resolved but no bat added after confirmed referral. This thing happened for the first time

Seems to working at the moment for now.

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Thank you both for confirming. I’m closing this thread for now since the issue seems to be resolved.