5 things stopping me from moving to Brave

Hate the Chromy’ness of Brave, but as a Lifelong IE user, it’s getting to the point where I need to move to a new primary browser. (I have Firefox and Brave that I use only when I need to).

However there’s a few things outright stopping me from wanting to use Brave:

1. No Menu Bar
Pretty much said it all here: Why not a Menu Bar?

This is the #1 reason. Call me old fashioned, I’ll call you inefficient and innapropriate. I’m using a desktop PC, my browser needs to feel like it, and be a good, fluid experience, not a negative one that literally takes more work to accomplish minor, everyday tasks. Give us a setting FFS! Burger Menus are NOT suitable for Desktop environments. When it expands, it ends up down at the bottom-right of my screen!

Every.Single.Little.Extra.Click I’d have to do EVERY DAY, EVERY TIME I want to access a simple bookmark mounts up to a gazillion wasted over a year. Using an application shouldn’t feel a slog.

2. Script Blocker has Alzheimers.
Why have a built in script blocker, to only give an “Apply Once” button for specific scripts?

Surely the point of a built in script blocker is to Block MOST scripts by default, but naturally allow the ones I want to run, such as the ones that actually allow a web-page to work.

Why can’t I set it to remember the specific scripts I WANT to allow? Why must I manually go through and select “Undo” and “Apply Once” EVERY bloody day? Or more likely, just select “All Scripts Allowed” or Down Shields entirely, which defeats the point, don’t you think?

Why after so long, is this feature (Shields being one of the core parts of Brave) so underdeveloped? The “Script Blocker For Chrome” addon is how I would expect it to work, a simple click on the scripts I want to allow, and then have it remember them.

3. Can’t Customise UI
Firefox does this, why can’t Brave?

Why can’t I set my “Refresh” or “Home” button to be on the RIGHT of the URL bar, if I wanted to? Better yet, let me customise the entire interface and put things where I want them to be. Even IE offers more customisation than Brave does in terms of Layout. A permanent Status bar would be nice too.

Why also can I not set my Tabs to be BELOW the URL (and Menu, hopefully) bar? Giving more customisability and settings would give a much enhanced user experience.

4. Can’t set a Custom Tip Amount.
Why do I have to have a “Set” amount per month to Tip? Why can’t I set my own custom amount, on my own custom schedule? If it’s MY Bat, give ME control, thankyou.

5. Bookmarks Bar shows automatically upon opening a new tab.
I have the Bookmark bar set to Off by default (I’d rather access Bookmarks through a proper MENU bar with a scrolling vertical menu, not a horizontal toolbar). For some reason upon opening a new tab, the Bookmarks bar is displayed until I move off the page. Why, when it’s set to off? A minor annoyance, but again it just makes it feel “Beta”.

Edit: I have decided the above is not necessary, since the Bookmarks bar does disappear as soon as you navigate somewhere. Still be nice to have a “Show Bookmarks bar on new tab” option though in the settings, but isn’t a big deal.

These are mostly due to Brave being built on Chrome now, and Chrome having this attitude (like most apps nowadays) that the user should change for the app, and “just put up with” losing functionality, and little customisation. Those minor frustrations and lack of settings and suitability for the device I’m using (NOT a bloody phone or tablet), just puts me off from wanting to use it.

I’d LIKE to start using it full-time, but currently I only use it when I HAVE to.
A few small tweaks to address the above would change that attitude completely.


Make this 6.

  1. Give me a setting to open New Tabs at the end of the tab row.
    As above. When opening a link or whatever in a new tab, I’d like a setting that says “Open new tabs next to current tab” and when it’s “off”, place the new tab at the END of the tab row.

Again, this is a setting in most other browsers. Everyone shits on IE, but it has a FAR better settings page.

Brave (due to Chrome) is FAR to mobile focused, which gives an inferior interface and experience on desktop. Give settings to help us customise this, and it will reach wider adoption.


Just switched over to Brave from Firefox coz Firefox have screwed up their add-ons again and most can be installed on Brave (there is a couple I am missing) but I have to say the menu set up here is awful and as soon as Firefox fixes its add-ons I’m going back. I imported a nested set of bookmark menus which I use all the time and its just a mess on Brave. I also use the menu bar for my most used bookmarks but the thing is having imported both from Firefox its just an un-navigable confused morass.

There’s plenty to like on Brave (the task manager caught my eye) but the lack of a menu bar (stopping people from having one when one was already in place just seems a petty tyranny) and the woefully unusable state of the bookmark manager means I won’t be staying.

Thanks Manny. Simple OPTIONS would cover most of this stuff and make it usable for ALL. Rather than just a sub-set who like feeling like they’re on their mobiles.

so, you dont just how to use brave browser. Because you can do all what you want with… tadaaaaa -> chrome store for theming it :wink: (point 3)
For you favorites, you can put them in the “Bookmark bar” and you have all in front your eyes (point 1)

For the custom tip amount… just disable the auto amount… and then, you can choose the amount in the list proposing by the author of the website and if you want to tip all month or just one time (and that’s a bit sad, because not fully customisable, I agree) (point 4)

soo, Brave is young and have a lot of adjustements to do, but all you mentionned is “possible”. And for the menu, you spend the same time as IE :wink:

Sorry for my bad english, not my first language.

RE: Point 3, theming. Thanks for the pointer, but I can only see colour schemes here? In the Chrome Web Store. I’m talking more about being able to move UI elements. IE has a few options for Always displaying the status bar, Showing Tabs on a Separate row etc. Firefox seems to allow full customisability, dragging UI elements wherever I want them.

I’m used to the Refresh button etc being on the right of the URL bar, so it’s irky getting used to it all being way over to the other side.

RE: Favourites, nope. The Bookmark bar is 1. Irritating, I shouldn’t have to add extra toolbars to the top, also I may not want my bookmarks on show all of the time… Also 2. It can only store so many. I just want a scrolling, vertical menu.

As to spending as much time as IE, noop. In IE to access several bookmarks, it’s literally 2 clicks.

  1. Click Favourites, 2. Click the bookmark. Dragging, dropping and editing is all just one-click away.

In Brave it’s 1. Mouse allll the way over to the top right of the screen. 2. Click the stupid f*****ing burger menu, 3. Mouse Down over Bookmarks, 4. Click Bookmark.

Now that doesn’t sound like much, but say you’re opening 3 or 4 bookmarks, that’s now literally doubled the amount of clicks and mouse movements, feels frustrating moving to an inferior experience.

A simple OPTION to add a normal menu bar would satisfy literally all users.

I get Brave is young, which is why I WANT to move to it, and would love it if they continue updating it to add these features, so I can. For now though it’s too frustrating for me to bother.

i agree,please add menu bar

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Here you can find the extensions.

Then either use these browsers, wait until the Brave developers install these features themselves, or use the Feature Request section to submit your suggestion.

Thanks mate, but am I missing something specific in terms of the point he was addressing? As in some kind of UI Customisation extension (like Firefox has built in).

Otherwise I know the extension store exists, I already mentioned I’m using Script Blocker for Chrome, instead of Brave’s built in one, purely because it’s quicker to switch on/off and also remembers settings for individual scripts.

I am doing. I realise Brave is new, and I would LIKE to use it one day, however cannot do so just yet because of these basic frustrations. For now I posted here in the Feedback section, to give feedback.

Have a thread in the Feature Request section already, most of the rest of this post is improvement on existing features.

Most of this list is being picky tbh. Give me a menu bar, and improve the script blocker, (inc a button to permanently remember a script unblock, rather than just “Allow Once”), and I’ll happily use it.

Build your own browser? Using tools from Evil Central? I don’t think so. Did the MENU bar debacle get fixed? I use DESKTOP/LAPTOP and was so annoyed with NEWBrave’s not having the TOP MENU (File - Edit - View…) that I uninstalled NEWBrave and went back to OLDBrave… Now I get a WARNING(!!!) that I can only use OLDBrave for eight more days… So, will it disappear? Well, if NEWBrave has not been fixed, AIN’T GONNA USE IT. Has the TOP MENU (File - Edit - View…) been restored?

Brave inherited really poor interface from Chrome. Many people need much more. That’s why I “made” this. I hope sometimes every browser will have customizable UI (today only Vivaldi has cool UI settings).

Hidden bookmarks shown on a new tab is one of the things I hate in Chrome. If I hid the bookmarks panel, I don’t want to see it.

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