5 BAT award for verfying Gemini account


I linked my brave browser to a new Gemini account and did not receive 5 free BAT. In my Rewards folder I see that new Gemini users will receive 5 BAT.

Could you help me, please?
I’m from Spain using Windows.

Thank you

I am in the same situation. I created a new Gemini account but I didn’t receive the 5 BAT reward.

Did you get verified?
I created an account 3 days ago but didn’t recieve any mail regarding the verification

And for the reward of 5 bat, it’s told that it will be credited with 30 days after basic verification.

I verified my brave rewards with Gemini account 10 min before 11:20 pm date 14/09/2021 but didn’t receive any reward of 5 bat, it’s told that it will be credited after Linking Gemini with Rewards but no update @mattches @ayumi

The 5 BAT for linking a Gemini wallet should be credited to your account approximately 30 days after you link your Brave Rewards to it.

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Don’t you have to give all your sensible data to get accepted and then “verified”? I see people saying it asks for your ID, card number and even passport***. This kinda breaks the privacy part of Brave.

Wait for Brave’s own Wallet instead…

The verification process is a requirement of the governments of the various countries in which Brave Rewards are available. If Brave offers its own wallet at some point in the future, you will still have to go through the same verification process.

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It kinda breaks the crypto philosophy that is the avoidance of government and taxes, it’d be cool if it was anonymous.

I agree with you completely, but the respective governments aren’t about to let us do things anonymously. . .

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Yes, unfortunately… :disappointed_relieved: