5.1 audio issue, youtube only


Win7 x64, Dedicated sound card. Well equip rig, details upon request if needed.

No audio issues on any other site.
All drivers up-to-date.
Did a brave reinstall, no change.
Tested on latest firefox browser and audio works.
No add-ons besides default.
No settings changed.

The issue is no sound out of either rear speaker, little to no sound out of front right, 50% from center, full from left. Only happens on Youtube.

Trying to be brief, no topic related, not sure what other info may be needed.

No rush on response and thank you in advance!



Hi @FaultAtHands

Is it on all youtube videos you play on Brave? Also, can you confirm your Brave version (found in about:brave).



Hello LaurenWags

Brave 0.18.14

Yes, all youtube videos I’ve played from random to obscure to popular and verified. I’ve done side-by-side playing videos with FF and Brave. Brave has the issue, FF doesn’t. (For comparison, not to bash Brave.)

EDIT: Did some more testing, all videos have this issue no matter the site.

EDIT 2: Version 0.18.23 now, no change with audio.

EDIT 3: Should add I’m using a SB Audigy sound card by Creative.


Do you still experience the issue?

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