4K Screen Resolution Bug (captcha solve) with ad claim payout

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obviously the image shows that my 4K resolution windows 10 (fully updated) laptop needs to zoom out below 50% in order to do your “captcha” which is honestly ridiculous. is there a way to fix this issue so that users with 4K monitors don’t have to adjust their res every time they want to deposit their brave rewards in the wallet? i’m on brave version 1.30.89

repro steps:

  1. go to “Brave Rewards”
  2. claim rewards
  3. do your ridiculous captcha that CLEARLY doesn’t work with a 4K monitor. if you can do this in a zoomed screen of more than 50% i’ll be shocked!

possible solutions:

  1. go into the code and change the image icons used (triangle/circle/square)
  2. go into the code and lower the image res icons used in this captcha
  3. change your captcha to work in 4K

you’re welcome

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happy to be here thanks! lmk if you have any other questions on this.

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