4channel.org ads unblockable

ex. https://boards.4channel.org/g/ ← banner at top (ad for bitmask) is not blocked by shields, there are different ads per board. Blocking the element does nothing, the element appears to change everytime the page is refreshed making it impossible to block.

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Hello there @supertaco could you please try enabling Fanboy Annoyances List and uBlock Annoyances List filters on your shields list?

To select them click on this link brave://settings/shields/filters then on filters list, search and check on the boxes corresponding to the ones mentioned previously.

Let me know if that works.

I enabled them and the ads still show

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Hi again @supertaco please provide the following information in order to investigate further:

  1. Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):

Be waiting for your response.

@supertaco Just an FYI, you posted in the wrong spot. You did good on Browser Support, but it should be over on Ad-Blocking rather than Desktop Support. I’ll move yours over there, so by time you see this reply it should be over at #support-and-troubleshooting:ad-blocking

Also, do a favor and provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing on the page. I’m just curious if yours looks much different. I know I did visit and I see below:

I’m also going to post screenshot from where I inspected Elements, that way @fanboynz also can see that information if it helps.


Only the part that shows Bitmask seems to be an ad. All the rest is just format and part of the website. It indeed is very busy there and can look like ads, but it’s all to navigate around 4chan.

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Ubuntu 22.04, brave 1.46.133

Saoiray screenshot looks the same as mine, im referring to that bitmask banner ad.

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kk. I see fanboynz put in a Github for it. Usually takes like 24-48 hours for it to go into effect. I just tested and still see it. So I guess we’ll just give it time.

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