400 Error Google Account Sign In Services

Description of the issue:

Go on any of the google services after signing in, and this is what appears
How can this issue be reproduced?
Go to the Gmail sign in page and type your address and password as normal. Hit enter as normal. Even happens in incognito mode.
Expected result:
A 400 page shows up. Go onto every other google service, like Docs or Calendar, same page shows up.
Brave Version( check About Brave ):
1.37.111 Chromium: 100.0.4896.79 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Additional Information:


Same here. Also Twitter signed me out twice, Movoto won’t load anymore. Unfortunately I’m back to Chrome and FireFox for the time being.

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I have the same issue. It even happens, when I’m trying to login in incognito mode, so clearing browser data shouldn’t bring anything.

Btw. It looks like YouTube is still working. But that’s the only google service that worked for me.

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These two topics are discussing issue and have workaround suggestions, might want to take a look.

Solutions presented were unsuccessful for me

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@brrrave Saw you posted in the below topic. Just want to confirm that you tried disabling shields on the error page and that did not work, correct?

You might want to track the topic below. Mattches (support staff) is monitoring that topic and any updates or new workarounds will probably be posted in that topic.

Yes, I tried disabling shields on the error page and it does not work

@brrrave Sorry the simpler workarounds didn’t work for you. :slightly_frowning_face:

@289wk just posted a more involved workaround. I copied the link to the post below. You might could try that and see if that works for you. Wish this weren’t such a hassle for you!

Cannot log in to gmail (Error 400) after updating Brave

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Hier hetzelfde probleem!
Here the same problem

@brrrave I saw the second workaround worked for you in another topic. Glad it worked! :smiley:

You should post to this topic what worked for you and then mark your post as the solution. It will help other community members who have the same issue and are looking for a solution. :smiley:

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