4 device limit is bad programming and lacks foresight

Does Brave really expect users to use the same 4 devices for their entire lifetime?

Did the developers never consider the fact that operating systems need to be reinstalled, users will purchase new devices? Was wallet backup and migration ever considered to transfer from an old device to a new device?

Added to the fact that the privacy features in Brave Browser are not on par with Firefox (simple search through the threads in this forum will reveal all the privacy holes).

Also having never received BAT payments from February until now, add all this up and Brave becomes a project not worth supporting. Although I did once have high hopes for the project, that’s no longer the case.


Complain to Uphold about the four-device limit. They are the ones who set that limit.

Brave is far more private than Firefox ever dreamed of being.

I spoke to Uphold and was informed by them that the 4 device limit was imposed by Brave that they themselves don’t impose device limits. They were the first that I connected.

Firefox if set up correctly with the correct add-ons is actually far more private… Reading through this forum there’s been lots of users who have found privacy holes from using Brave. Why do you think Tor choose Firefox to build their browser on and not chromium?


this is a complete joke… I’ve reached the limit with just 2 devices due to reinstalling. Really makes me think about my decision to even keep using brave.

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  1. Brave is about Privacy and not earning BAT.
  2. But yes, the 4 device limit is bad. Brave really needs to look at alternatives like cancelling the connection after 3-6 months of inactivity.

That’s what they say, yea. Sorry but I really have my doubts that any company cares about their user privacy nowadays. In the end they gotta make money somehow. Also, how many companies
said that in the past though. And
How many times it was slot of BS in the end?

I don’t trust Uphold any farther than I can throw them. I don’t believe them when they say that it’s Brave that imposes the device limits.

Do you mean since I met the limit I will not be able to receive the BAT? What things … touch delete brave is impossible so sometimes you have to format one your pc

You’ll still be able to receive BAT, but won’t be able to withdraw them if you reach the device limit as you won’t be able to verify on Uphold.

We are working on additional options for users regarding this issue. We appreciate your patience.

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My question is, will I lose the bat that I have? since I have not received more and it comes out that it is verified but it says that it reaches the limit: /


The BAT Team has mentioned that 4 device connections is all Brave will have, regardless of custodian, and nothing to do with Uphold. Uphold is our favorite bogeyman, for Brave could do no wrong.

Anyway, you won’t lose your BAT, but you just can’t withdraw it. After the limit, any other BAT you collected is just gonna stay stuck in Brave’s own proprietary wallet inside the browser. Pray hard there’s no glitches in Brave or your PC that causes you to lose your data.

After the device limit, the only thing you can do with the unwithdrawal BAT is probably to donate it away.

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