4 accounts limit reached

Hello! I removed Brave/Uphold integration, and make a clean windows installation and create a new brave installation too with a new wallet.

When I has been make again Brave/Uphold integration, I received a notification “max limite devices”.

I only linked my PC after to do a new instalation. I verified Uphold and has only one Brave intregration active. Anyone can help me to solve this, please?

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Unable to re-verify wallet - Brave Rewards / Rewards Support - Brave Community

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@alanmugiwara maybe you linked your uphold wallet in different profiles / installations of your browser?

anyway, follow the instructions in the link chh_68 has provided

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Thank you so much! I send the form

I don’t restored my old wallet and even sync. I created all from zero. I can’t understand it. The only old one thing is Uphold account, and I unlink it before reinstall my OS.

That’s not possible, even after doing that the slot keeps burnt.

That’s why the brave team is giving now the option to restore one slot

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Thanks for you reply me. But this no make sense. I format my PC, download brave, and create a new installation from 0. Nothing links my old accounnt besides the uphold accoubnt

your uphold account can only be connected to 4 browser wallets as I explained before, it doesn’t matter if you create an installation from 0 – if you verified the browser wallet, then you used one slot from that limit. doesn’t matter if that wallets no longer exist.

why that limit exists? don’t ask me, maybe to limit the people who try to exploit the system to get easy money, I don’t know :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for explanation. So the problem is uphold. So if I create a new Account, problem will be solved?

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