3rd party access to URL bar for "not secure" websites

I use a password manager (keepass) that autotypes user/name password based on URL matching.
It appears that if I try a site that uses http and not https (brave shows as “not secure”) brave does not make the URL available for keepass to match against for auto-tying my password.

I can see how this is a useful protection for the general internet, but the site I’m trying to use it on, is an internal company site. Is there a way to set site-specific rules to relax some of these protections?

Can you try visiting your site, opening the Shields panel, and toggling the HTTPS option “off”? Let the page refresh, then see if Keepass will autofill the data in for you.

My apologies, after further digging i discovered this is actually an issue with the Chrome Browser (https://sourceforge.net/p/keepass/discussion/329221/thread/e0c0ae77a6/)

It was working on other sites because the window title was matching, which led me to incorrectly believe it was a secure/insecure site issue.

I guess I’ll just need to bug the chrome dev’s first.

thanks for the suggestion, I did try it and it had no effect.

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I found a perfect solution for my issue in the extension store: Url in title

Does exactly what I need, appends the URL in the title bar.

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