3D Touch to open new Private tab


Just like Chrome has this ability, I’d like to see it with Brave for iOS. 3D Touch (Force Touch? I don’t know what it’s called) to display an option of opening Brave directly to a Private session and new tab. As it is now, there’s too many steps to get to a Private tab.


cc: @garvan @joel for comments


Maybe I’m missing something. But in Brave if you click and hold a link a menu pops up allowing you to “Open In New Private Tab”. Chrome as the same behavior as far as I can tell. Is there another method for opening a private tab you were looking for?


From the iOS homescreen -> Force Touch the Brave app icon -> new menu pops up with additional options before the app ever opens.

Right now the options are “Share Brave” and “New tab”. I’d like to see “New Private tab”. Added screenshot.


Ah, gotcha. Yeah, that makes sense. I think this would be a useful feature. Building out more of these options will most certainly be useful. I have attached a newly created Github issue below for better tracking on progress. Thanks for reaching out, and please let us know if you have additional ideas for force touch.

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