32 bit Chromium Host with 64 bit Brave?




I use crazy soft eating resources (Coinigy - trading platform in webbrowser), so it is very important to run as fast as possible… More tabs - slowly it becomes. My specs: WIN10 VM guest on Proxmox (95%+ eficiency) on AMD FX 9590 6 core used of 8 for VM, 24GB RAM, 256 GB Samsung 850EVO SSD. Shall I try UBUNTU or other linux? Will it change a lot?

32 bit chromium host???

Task managesr says it´s 32 bit, so how do I have 64 bit Brave??? Please explain me architecture here and how to make it 64 bit please?

Full screen chromium xpirience - possible?

I used to be a big fan for full screan (metro) mode in chrome = chromium, but then it´vanished. Is it possible to have something similar with Brave/Chromium host? 64 bit is essential.

Thanx DEVs!!!


You really can’t run 64 bit apps on a 32bit OS.

You’ll need to update appropriately either to 64 bit Windows 10 or use another 64 bit OS.

There are various free choices, they all come down to taste so I cannot give any specific recommendations other than to perhaps try them as you have time.

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