30 BAT disappeared from my account; Please help me!

they were stuck, I couldn’t sync neither with Gemini nor Uphold because none of them, for now, accept my country. (“Unfortunately, your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because your region is not supported for Brave Rewards verification at this time.”)

So They were stuck and I was waiting for 1-2 years so that you guys can make the infrastructure so that I can withdrawal them;
Today I looked at my page with rewards and they disappeared;
I didn’t withdrawal because I still cannot and there isn’t any trace of them:

rest in peperonis. I’ve been stacking them up for like a year and I was waiting to withdrawal them and all for nothing.
I didn’t restart my Brave or uninstall or anything, they just disappeared after a while.
Can you guys help me please?

Hey, I guess since your Gemini account logged out, you are seeing the rewards wallet balance and not your ‘Gemini BATs balance’. Check on your gemini account if your BATs are still there (which should be the case most likely). Just in case they aren’t there, I dont know much.
You will have to raise ticket then →

hi SmartyAadi,
thanks for responding!
okay I checked before posting and now I double checked.
They are NOT there.
I had them a few weeks ago and I tried to sync them and it didn’t work, I got the same error that I get now. (now I have 2BAT).

They just vanished, either Gemini took them secretly since they don’t seem to be secure (https://www.trustpilot.com/review/gemini.com);
I don’t know and I feel sad because I really like Brave and I trusted this system for like a year and now they just vanish and I get nothing;

I just sent the ticket. Thank you for linking it!!

@Liviu Your BAT is likely still in your browser. If you go to brave://rewards-internals it will likely show your BAT balance there. What’s happened is your display is giving you the Log In to Gemini to see your balance message instead of showing you the balance you have in your browser.

Can you advise what device you’re using and what version of Brave? They just released another update not long ago, so I want to know the specific version of Brave you’re using, just so we can know if you need to update. If needing update, let us know if that resolves anything.


Anything you had in Gemini would still be in Gemini. Anything you’ve been earning while your region is not supported should be still in your browser, as I mentioned above.

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Hello again! Thank you for your response.

as I said I checked it in Gemini and they aren’t there either. and I didn’t uninstall my Browser or anything.

as for the version, well it is up to date. As you can see. And I use Windows 10, on a laptop.

so Unfortunately I cannot find them, I sent a ticket and I’m waiting for an answer I guess…

Do a favor, any time you make a Support Ticket, try to share the ticket number in any comments or topics you make. Reason for that is like right now, I’m going to tag @SaltyBanana to see if he might know what’s going on. If you had the ticket number shared, he would have been able to pull it up and perhaps work on it. But without that, he’s going to be lacking information to do much. Any help or thoughts will be more general solutions.

What is interesting is it’s showing you Verified for Gemini. Even though currently disconnected, it’s Verified. This might mean that anything you had might have disappeared because it’s being sent to Gemini. So keep an eye out on your account there. But then at least you’ve got the ticket in with Brave where they might be able to look into it and track things down from their end of things.

Hi @Liviu

To avoid repeating what was already mentioned above. It is best to submit a support ticket to our Support Form. From there one of our Support Agents can investigate further what might have happened.
You can create a ticket through the link that @SmartyAadi has already provided.


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