30.0 BAT is going to expire?


Hello Everyone,

I apologize if this has already been asked, but I cannot seem to find a response anywhere. Are these 30 BAT going to expire (see photo)? Will my balance go down after 3/14/2019? What will happen if I transfer BAT from Coin Base and tomorrow is 3/15/2019? Will I lose what I transferred over from Coin Base? What am I suppose to do with these 30 BAT before 3/14/2019 if we can not even take them out? I am aware you are unable to transfer out of the wallet since it is one way wallet at the moment but will that option be available before the expiration date?



Hi @mobcity303,

With BAT grants like these, it’s use it, or lose it! These grants are given out to stimulate interest and interaction within the BAT ecosystem. Use these BATs to support content creators and websites that you like, that’s their intended purpose.

Your balance will drop, yes, if they were to expire before you used them. Keep in mind that grants are usually quite small (such as the above $5 USD).


Hi @mobcity303, in addition, only BAT from BAT grant that have expiration date. Like @Asad said, you need to use it or it’ll be sent back to UGP (User Growth Pool).

This will not applied to your own BAT that you transfer in.

Hope that make it clear for you and other users that have same question.


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