3 Suggestions: 'Nativize' menu bar + allow title bar + fix tab animations



I have three suggestions I think would go well for design on this browser. Of course, all is subjective. Let me know if you agree or disagree!

Using Windows 10

  1. I think If the menu bar (File, Edit, View, etc) was relatively consistent with Windows’ native style it would look much better. To do this I’d suggest moving the menu items closer together by a few px and also moving them as a whole a few px farther from the top of the window/screen. That way it looks less shoddy- as if a title bar was meant to be above them but was cut out. I really like the way Firefox does this and it think it really fits in with the native Windows look,

  2. Sort of an addendum to #1, I would absolutely love it if there was an option to show the title bar like in Firefox. I use this because most of the time the current tab’s webpage’s title doesn’t show all the way within the tab and I don’t want to hover over the tab to see it every time. This is especially important with many tabs open, as you can only really see the favicon when it gets too packed.

  3. I noticed that when hovering on an active tab the color turns slightly darker, but when hovering off the tab it briefly flashes an even darker shade before returning to its default light shade. This seems like an error to me, and if not then I don’t think it’s very visually appealing. This doesn’t happen with inactive tabs. (Just throwing this in here but fade animations for tab shade transitions would be nice, and possibly the rounding of tab edges would help complete the sleek design).

Thank you for enduring my criticism. This is a great browser and I want to see it become the best. I want it to beat Chrome and I think it has the ability to come close, but first it has to capture the attention of the common user and that is why a modern, polished and uniform look and feel is needed.

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