3 months without receiving a reward, neither my family nor me

hello, for 3 months neither my family and my person did not receive the reward. neither on Android nor on PC. the truth is weird because in “status.brave.com” it is said that 99.99% of the rewards were delivered and the brave truth is my favorite default browser. on android, pc and laptop.

Hello @Saludiego201,

If you have not received any free BAT claim yet then it is because there is none for now. When a free claim is available, you will get a notification on your browser. Also, the 99.99% shown on the status.brave.com is not for rewards distributed but the Brave performance as per different services.

And what is the cause that did not resist more Lis Reward?

@Saludiego201 grants will be available when it’s available. There’s no fixed schedule for when grants available.

Keep an eye for a notification on your browser.


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Blockquote Helooo can you help me :frowning: ut

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same to me :frowning: I have same news

When rewards are available, you will get a browser notification.

But I using it since 3 month just it showing “Your scheduled monthly payment for Auto-Contribute and monthly tips could not be completed due to insufficient funds. We’ll try again in 30 days” at every contribution date. How can I fix it?? Please help me.

seems the problem with auto contribute. try disabling the auto-contribute in reward settings

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