3 month publisher no paid received?

For publisher creator no received BAT in 3 month? Website??? Indonesian no received paid?

Account no suspend, uphold verified

Because you’ve 0 BAT in your creator account.

Payout in progress and payout every 8th of the month is only for BAT you already have in your creator account

No BAT = nothing to paid.

You had BAT on your account before this issue? The label says that the payout is procesing, so is matter of time to receive it, remember the minium payout for every channel to be paid is 5BAT, so if you did´t have that amount in the past 3 months is a normal thing you didn´t receive anything. Said that, today is 11 and the payout usually take from 8-12 of every month to process (in my experience), so if your dashbord says that the report is generating is because your payout is on it´s way.

I’ve had 5.7 BAT in my publishers account since 5 june but haven’t received payout

My account not show referal stats in Dasboard

I just new user publisher. How i get minimum 5 BAT?
I am join publisher creator, and linked to chanel youtube, after it have referal stats 35 users in 1-2 month. But june account publisher/BAT Hold issues and many account suspend. I think account no suspend will received paid, but my account verified (no suspend) no received BAT and in Dasboard Referal Stats Not Show in my Dasboard???

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Check if those 5BAT are from a same channel. For example if those 5 BAT are from:

2.5: from a Twitter account
2.5: from a Youtube account

The payout will not be release, it has to be 5BAT on every channel. Example:

5: Twitter (this will be credited)
2.5: Youtube (this will not be credited)

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By tips or the referal program.

As for this:

Well i not admin, you should send an email to support and see what they tell you, that or wait until some admin with the authority appears looking in your thread.

Also, you didn’t answer my previews question

Since the message on your screenshot “the payout report is currently generated” means that the founds are being credited to your uphold account

My channel is not showing verified on brave browser although I had done everything
It has been 4 days😣

i have bat but not tranfered to my uphold

Check here

If it’s listed then is your browser that doesn’t had updated his internal publishers list, it’s common, this takes up to one week to be reflected globaly, if ather that you don’t see changes locally in your browser, then propably the list will be updated when you update your browser

So… You have an amount of BAT that has not been transfered from last payout?

If that’s so, check if those BAT are not been earn afther cut day (every first of month before payout).

i dont get payment this july bro.
on last mont i get the payment

In your case refer your situation in the montly megathread of this month:

thread already closed bro

Hmp, i didn’t check that, sorry. Well you have one of two options.

  1. Wait until august to see if your BAT is finally credited to uphold.
  2. Try to contact steeven and explain your situation.

Please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks!


Hello @steeven, could you check my DM? Four days ago you gave me a DM to send you and I have not received a reply. They didn’t pay me in June and neither in July.

already dm bro just wait for reply