3 GB for community.bave?🥺

Why community.brave have 3 GB Usage data​:thinking::thinking:
Site consumes this much data :roll_eyes: am bit surprised

Since this forum uses the Discourse forum software; you can get more detailed explanation and reason for this by posting or searching this question on the Discourse Forum website.

What’s the usage time frame? That’s a lot of data for a forum–an insane amount really.

Would you please provide the time-frame for the usage? I’d like to know simply for investigative purposes.

You are thinking it in a wrong way.
Try this.
Go to the forum link which I have linked above OR open this forum on a private window and then go to site settings and check the Data usage stats.
Do this and reply me what you saw.

19.7 KB via site settings of Discourse Forum

1.0 GB via site settings of Brave Community

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