3 Dots = Close Current Tab = Please & Thank You

What: Adding a menu tab in the 3 dots with the name ‘close current tab’ or just ‘close tab’, either works.

Why: I find it time consuming and bothersome, that I cannot just close the tab, by pressing the 3 dots and click “Close Current Tab.”
I find myself pressing ‘exit’ by mistake, because it feels more natural to do it, that way.

I honestly think it might save some time, or at the very least… be a great alternative to someone like me, who does not have the latest and greatest software and hardware, and just wanna make the process more smooth.

If you hold the Tabs button, you will display a menu, wich contains close tab, Open new tab and Open a Private Window.

Have a great day

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I wrote the post to avoid exactly that.

Have a great awakening.

crtl+w do the job just fine