3 dispositivos con Brave - 1 Sola Cuenta de Uphold

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Mi probelma surge con lo que se menciona en el asunto. Tengo 3 dispositivos con Brave: PC personal, Notebook del trabajo y Teléfono Celular Personal.
El problema es que por mas que tengo la sincronizacion realizada, no me vincula las ganancias. Asimismo, no se puede vincular mas de una cuenta UpHold. Necesito poder vincular los 3 dispositivos a la cuenta o que en la sincronización se junten las ganancias.

¿Es Posible?

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Topic title: “3 devices with Brave - 1 Single Uphold Account”

Good morning everyone:

My probelm arises with what is mentioned in the subject. I have 3 devices with Brave: Personal PC, Work Notebook and Personal Cell Phone.
The problem is that as much as I have the synchronization done, it does not link my earnings. Also, it is not possible to link more than one UpHold account. I need to be able to link the 3 devices to the account or that in the synchronization the earnings are joined.

Is this possible?


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Here is a math problem for you.

The Synch function does not synchronise rewards. It only synchronise bookmarks and other settings.

You need to link the Rewards wallet on every device to your Uphold account. The same way you did for your first device.