3 days since the countdown disappeared, I still don't have received my bats. Is this normal?

Hi, I still have not received any bats. It has gone 3 days since the countdown disappeared. My balance is still zero. Has Brave become insolvent? Or is it normal that it takes this long to “process” the transactions?? It seems like Brave has gone broke.


me too what happened?

me too…everything disappeared from the map

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I have the same issue and @steeven had DM him and didn’t respond me yet

Same issue here. BAT received normally from different devices, but my main one is still pending.

Same here. 't received my Bats in my uphold account.

It usually takes 5 to 7 days after the end of the month before you see your payout show up on Uphold. My laptop browser payout has been received, but my smaller cell phone browser payout hasn’t been received, though on that you usually have to take an extra step to “claim” the payout, which I only did two days ago… but again, everything usually shows up automatically within 5 to 7 days most of the time.


Be patient, I received my BATs today!

That’s completely normal and happened to me so many times. There wasn’t any month where I didn’t get paid. I am also waiting just like you. Be patient and we’ll definitely get our BATs.

Edit: I have received all my payments today. I hope you guys have received yours too. If not then be patient, you will get your BATs too, creating posts for not crediting BATs while the transaction instill process will not going to faster it anyway.


Today, I’ve received the rewards on Uphold from brave browser rewards for the first time. Yes, patience is needed. Arriving in x days as we see in the browser is not accurate. The payment processing takes time from Brave’s end. I’ve also confirmed this by having a chat with Uphold customer support team.

The countdown is to the day rewards start processing. It generally takes a week or more for them to be completed.

Namaste lol swagat ha is bugs se bare community me!
Wait you’ll get your bats eventually.

Yes, it is normal.
It happens every month to me.

Luky you, I don’t receive it in my uphold wallet, and why? I which…

It’s been almost a month now, for me.
And no payout, in fact ads stopped giving out bat at all. hm.

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