2FA sensitive password manager


First of all elt me say how awesomely fast this browser is! First used it on mobile, now since resetting my desktop I use it as my standard browser on desktop, too. And TOR Tabs? Are you kidding me? Awesome!

Now I will post my thoughts on certain things from here on now I think since I really want this browser to push out google chrome etc.

What I always found annoying with all the browsers I used (and maybe brave can do better here) is the handling of 3FA passwords with the default integrated password manager. Take www.kraken.com as an example here since I use that regularly.

The password manager always thinks that he should remember the 2FA password (which obviously changes everytime I log in) and asks me if I want to set the saved password to the new one. That is bs. I don’t know if you guys are able to do it, but it would be cool if the password manager could ignore 2FA passwords and instead only remember the regular one, which doesn’t work on kraken.com since it always thinks it should remember the 2FA one, so I have to type everything every time :slight_smile:

Other than that, rock on!