25th Word issues, App not generating sync code with the 25th word. Unable to access sync chain

Sync Chain Issue

I recently reset my windows pc, and re-installed brave. Now am trying to access my sync code from an up-to-date brave android browser app, which is a part of the chain, but I am sadly unable to as it does not have the “25th Word” as required by the New V2 Sync Systems. Tried reading through the previously asked forum questions, couldn’t get a functioning solution. Even found a list of words, which apparently are counted from May 1, 2022 till date, and the word that is supposed to be usable isn’t working. Can anyone possibly assist on how can i develop the code on my android device again, or if what is supposed to be the “25th Word” Suitable for today https://github.com/ElementsProject/libwally-core/blob/cd5b8c404352759d603208e08c59003aaeb9a6fa/src/data/wordlists/english.txt

Device Information
Windows 11 AMD 64 Bit, Brave Version 1.44.101
Android 12 Vivo Device, Brave Version 1.43.94 (Last Updated 15th Sept. 2022)

Use this one: https://alexeybarabash.github.io/25th-brave-sync-word/

Tried the word balcony already, Doesn’t work sadly