25 BAT required to verify Uphold wallet on latest Brave, but Uphold wallet is already verified

I installed the Brave browser on my Android POCO F1 on 08th June 2020. That time my browser version was 1.9.80. The same day I verified my Uphold account also. All good, working fine.

Today, 22nd June 2020, I updated my Brave browser to 1.10.94 version. I had read about this in Community, in 1.10.94 version we need 25 BAT to verify the uphold wallet. But I already verified my Uphold wallet with brave://rewards wallet, now it is showing not verified.

  1. I know that we can verify only 3 accounts with the Uphold wallet. Since I already verified, now I need to verify it again, will it count one more?
  2. brave://rewards-internals shows Uphold Wallet: 0 BAT under Balance info. So I did it already verified, and Verify Wallet > showing in Triangle BAT icon pop up is a Bug?

I have literally confused with this. Please give me a clarity.

Screenshots here


You need to accumulate 25 BAT and have it on your brave:rewards wallet before you able to connect it to Uphold.

i guess, you are mixing up two things…verify uphold account (you said you did that) and verify (or better say to connect) your brave wallet with uphold (once you will have 25BAT accumulated)

I agree with you that we should be having 25 BAT in brave://rewards wallet to connect with Uphold account. Since I already connected to Uphold account, do I need to connect it again with Uphold account because of this new 1.10.94 version?

@thegr8uk - as I mentioned above, you need to connect (verify) wallet with uphold, uphold verification is completed from your side

Hi creator. I have my laptop and a smartphone Huawei ok. But this smartphone , Xiaomi says that I have minimum 25 BAT to verify my wallet. I have my Uphold account verified long time ago. Can you help ? Thanks.

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25 BAT amount is needed to connect your brave on mobile with uphold, not needed aditional action with uphold once your uphold account is verified already


I have same problem … Did u find any solution for that??

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How many BATs you have currently?

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Got the same problem here with bpth android devices synced to my web browser. Anyone from Brave can please look into this? Thanks.


0.6 now… in laptop version i have old account which has 80+

@Nishom7 @moisesben as said repeatedly in this thread You need to accumulate 25 BAT and have it on your (Android) brave:rewards wallet before you able to connect it to Uphold.

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