24 bit +over Hi Res Audio Video Playback ! Best to be upgrade

Because im having feeling like Chrome Beta browesr is performing slightly better with dynamic bass plus a bit of high tones than Brave Brovser with both turn on WebRTC multi-channel capture audio processing. I dont really known why on my Asus Rog Laptop with Dolby Home Thatcher mod this should make a bit of difference, but im audiophile and I have to admit Im feeling slight better dynamic response on chrome beta unfortunately. Song I`ive played is
Id like to known why is that !!! :wink: - diffrence is very tiny for Chrome Beta Why?

From IBIZA to MIAMI ✭ Deep Chill & Funky Beach (432Hz)

Compared from 9:50 to 11:35

Release Notes V1.26.7464 bit (June 30, 2021) Brave

Chrome Beta 92.0.4515.81 64 bit