20BAT transferred from Uphold wallet to Brave without my consent

Imagine my surprise when I checked my Uphold wallet and saw that 20 BAT had been transferred to “Brave Software International” all by itself.
I have included some screenshots that show the transaction on Uphold (that I did not initiate) and my brave logs and settings which do not seem to show this transfer.
For completeness I use Brave Browser on both my laptop and my android smartphone. Both have auto-contribute turned off and are linked to my Uphold wallet.

Please advise as to what steps can be taken to recover my 20 BAT that seems to have been withdrawn from my wallet due to a bug.

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20 days later and no replies. I didn’t have much hope in the first place, but this clinches it. Guess I’ll be immediately transferring from BAT to something else immediately after monthly payout from now on. I just hope they cant swoop in and steal one of the other cryptos.

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