20 BAT taken for Auto Contribute (its off!)

Hi, I’ve just lost 20 BAT to Auto Contribute as part of my monthly summary for June, even though this setting has always been switched to “off” - it has never been enabled.

Please can this be returned, and can you explain why this has happened??


Can you confirm that you are/were using the latest version of the Android browser when this occurred? The latest release (at the time of writing this)should be v1.10.99.


Hi Mattches - thanks for the quick response, and can confirm I’m using the latest version of Android - 1.10.99

Anyone able to advise??

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I will say this, do not count on it all, it is still not ready.

Screenshots added to original post.

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I also have the same issue. I’m using the latest version of brave browser, I am using windows 10. 7.3 was taken… Please help

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@Jbryant500 @snowonthesahara
Can you please send me a DM here on Community with your brave://rewards-internals information so I can have the Rewards team take a look?

@Mattches did you get my DMs?

Yes – I’m sorry for the delayed response. We’re working on fixes for a number of Rewards issues right now and hope to have more information soon. Thank you for your patience.

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@Mattches DM sent :grinning:

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