20 BAT minimum requirement is too high

Payments should be made in monetary value, if a BAT ends up being $10.00 you might not want to tip in full increments…

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@Mattches are there plans to allow custom autocontribute amounts? I also disabled autocontribute because of this (though I own almost 10k BAT in my personal wallet, so really I just need to fund the account but I wanted to test what I can earn though normal usage first)

The auto-contribute feature is a good idea, but with 20 as the min, I’d rather have an icon or something showing if a site I’m visiting is a verified one or not. The BAT icon at the top could have a little check next to it so I know I can tip. Otherwise, it’s just guessing (or you have to actually click the BAT icon). Right now I just do a recurring tip of 1.0 BAT to any that I notice are verified and then tip remainders at the end of the month to that list. Currently have 4 sites :confused:

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I agree with @vekariya17:

The value of BAT will change over time and specifying fixed BAT amounts could go wrong fast. Brave could use the OS currency setting to allow it to calculate the amount of BAT to send based on the current market value of BAT. Also, we should be able to specify exactly what amoung it should be - not only set fixed amounts. Give us control. I do get a bit concerned here about the amount of oversight and lack of control given to the users by Brave as browser users and content providers.

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Should be hitting Release channel any day now.