20 BAT minimum requirement is too high

I am an average person who wants to support content providers. However, 20 BAT a month is equivalent to about 8 bucks right now and in my humble opinion, this minimum is way too high. This should be changed to provide users the ability to pay what they feel is appropriate. Many of us out here have the right morals in place to pay for our content, but there is no way I can justify spending 10 bucks a month. Ive got a strong feeling that if you didn’t require such a high minimum requirement, you would see many, many more users joining the BAT rewards revolution. Personally, I feel comfortable paying about 4-5 bucks a month.

I like to tell everyone at work about Brave. I like to do polls and ask everyone, “How much would you pay in order to never have to be subjugated to ads again?”

On average the answer is 30-50 bucks annually.

My point being, you are missing out on a large group of people joining the BAT ecosystem. I would even say that it’s more likely the majority.

Please let me know of there is some other reason there is such a high minimum. I love the Brave browser and the BAT reward system.

Thanks in advance,


hello. have you already tried sending 1 or 5 BAT tips?

I’m sorry, I should’ve been more specific. I am referring to the amazing auto contribute feature.

oops it’s weird. Because I can send 10 BAT in my browser


This is what is looks like for me. Maybe this is a regional lock? That’s unfortunate that we are forced to pay more, if so.

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Here is another view from the same configuration options.

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minimun here is 20 BAT too, should be less!, what about make 10 BAT the minimun?

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Thank you! 100% agree.

Can someone from Brave comment on this please?

I’m new here, but it looks like the minimum is set by the publisher, not by the Brave or BAT teams.

As a publisher, I can customize the tip presets offered to the visitor. Below screenshot shows the four tiers available in the publisher tipping banner settings. Each tier gives the visitor three options to choose from.

The top tier has 20 BAT as the lowest tip amount which I believe is what you’re seeing on some websites. I chose a smaller 5 BAT minimum at this time, as I’m still figuring out what is a reasonable level for my audience.


Thanks for the reply, but this is for auto-contribute to all websites. The tipping is separate.

Oh I see. I use Brave mainly on mobile and haven’t even noticed that option in my browser!

Adding a “me too” post to this. My lower limit in the Auto-Contribute is also 20 BAT.

Since that’s too high for me, I turned off the auto-contribute feature.

Suggestion: Please allow more customization; consider allowing us to manually enter a number (less than 20 BAT).

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Is it only me that find weird that the BAT values from @TraderGirl and @Njoiyt differs???

20 BAT is 8.30 USD for Njoiyt, but only 7.98 USD for TraderGirl.

I know this is not the topic here, but how’s that???

I am guessing that BAT was priced differently at the time of our screenshots. I am more interested in why she had different options for amounts of BAT for auto contribute.

Thank you Bryce. This really needs to be brought to the attention of the creators of Brave.

Makes sense! Sorry for putting this is this thread, it just called my attention. Thanks for the clarification.

Great. Any other ways we can let the developers know? I assumed this is the best place to bring it to their attention.

You may be onto something. I’m fairly certain we took the screenshots within hours of one another. I have no other explanation. It would be really nice if somebody from Brave responded to this post.