20 bat a month how can i get?


I using brave browser in my windows,

I use the browser many hour’s, is it possible to get 20 bat per month from brave browser? 2020 i was got 12-15 bat a month, now can i get 20 bat a Month? Is there any way to get 20 bat? Please tell me!
Thanks :pray:

how did you get 12 bat per month

Not now,
It was 2020

Not sure if this math is right but I think you would get under 20 BAT if you are extremely lucky. Basically if you were to actually receive your daily cap of 40 ads at 0.010 BAT plus your daily cap of 20 new tab page ads at 0.010 that would be 40x.010 plus 20x.010 = 0.6 BAT. 0.6x30 would be about 18. But not every ad is worth the same, some are worth .01, .025 and 0.005. And it is probably not consistently possible to max out on ads every day. That and sometimes new tab page ads reset to new ones and they can disappear for a few hours - over a day.

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For your kind of dedications, please try to be a Brave Creator? :lion:

I use my browser everyday for 15-17 hours and get 4-5 BATs every month.

I don’t even know how you were able to get 12-15 BATs last year…

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they live in another country. In India, you will get around 4-5 bat.

I was used that browser 24/24 hour’s for get 10+ bat


Same my max is like 4 to 5. I guess other countries have different value/ads.

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0025 bat /1 ads

Always 0010 to 0025 ads

using more profiles…

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Using more profiles won’t work now, since they have changed a few things and you receive ads only on one profile from your Browser.

Is still works for me only beta and nightly…

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