2 uphold account, brave rewards funds

Hi, this is Marco. I’m an enthusiastic new user of brave browser but i have an issue:
for a mistake i have 2 uphold accounts, one are not active and the second one that i use very well. So, my brave reward fund goes in the first one, i want to change this settings, can you help me? I wrote to uphold support (that are very good) but the support told me to ask here.
thanks a lot for helping me

Your Uphold account linked to which one?

  • Your brave://rewards wallet or
  • your creator account?
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Hi, i verified my brave://rewards wallet with my right uphold account many times. But i don’t know why, when i send the fund from my brave wallet in uphold, this fund go in the wrong uphold account.

Where i do verify the link between uphold and brave wallet?

thanks for the help

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